Monday, October 29, 2007

I've been tagged....

I've been tagged by Lauren!! I'm supposed to list 7 random/weird things about myself...hmmm!! Almost all things about me are random & weird.

Here goes:
1. I am a disorganized perfectionist....there's an oxymoron for you! :o)

2. I wrote gardening articles for one of the first e-zines.."The Life & Times of Sally Slugster." Yep, she was a Slug!

3. I'm a computer geek...I love a challenge...anything that stimulates my brain is fun to me!

4. After majoring in fashion merchandising in Atlanta (only lasted a short time...I was soooo homesick)...I went home to Louisiana & majored in Criminal Justice. I planned on being an FBI agent!! What was I thinking? I never worked in that field.

5. We have moved 13 times since being married (transferred for my husband's work or mine!). Need someone to help you pack? I'm a pro! :o) Each move has been a fun adventure to me. I love all the places we have lived, but I'm ready to get back to the South!!

6. I'm addicted to paper! My name is Deb & I have a serious paper addiction! Looking for fun PAA meetings to attend!

7. Lastly....I love my Auburn Tigers!! Oops...that's not random or weird!!

I tag Beth & Brooke! Tag you're it!! :o)

Thanks for stopping by....


Beth said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog Deb and I really enjoyed reading the random weird facts about you.
Now let me see if I can come up with 7.

Lauren said...

May I come to the fun PAA meeting. I then need a DPA (Disorganized Prefectionist Anonymous) meeting - my DH would agree! hehe!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Ha ha, Sally Slugster huh??? that one just tickled me!

Scary thing is I can probably come up with more than 7 weird things about myself!! lol

Diane said...

LOL Deb. I thought you were weird, now I know you are! Yep, it't time you got back to the South. Hugz, Diane