Saturday, March 15, 2008

Save the Date....

As some of you know I have been working on my niece's Save the Date cards & wedding invitations...the Save the Date cards are finally (all 200) completed & shipped. Yeah! Originally, Whitney & Brandon's wedding date was set for January, 2009, but....they changed it to August, 2008 due to concerns of weather complications. I think she started worrying when she heard about her cousin's January wedding several years back. It Mississippi! Whitney lives in Oregon, so you never know what January will bring. I designed her engagement announcement party invitations last Fall & was in no hurry to complete the design of the Save the Date cards or invitations , since I had plenty of time. Well, she called me in January and told me the date was changed (no problem). She is such a sweetheart & so easy to please...the only problem we ran into was she loved all the designs I sent her. Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!! LOL!
I still have a few changes to make to the invitations & hope to complete them by the 1st of April. I designed her older sister's invitations last year and they could not be more different. Jenifer likes a modern urban style & Whitney has a more simple classic style. I have had fun coming up with ideas for both weddings. The only problem that I ran into was the red color on the invitation. I learned a great deal about printing red. It is a difficult color to print, the screen color is not true & the red tends to look brown when printed. It took me days to find a comparable hex-code match to the sash on Whitney's wedding dress. It's not a perfect match, but close enough. The wedding is in the evening and she chose black & white with a touch of red for her wedding colors. The bridesmaid's dresses are black (very elegant) and her dress has an apple red sash. I wasn't sure about the colors until I saw photos of all the girls in their dresses. I love the colors now!! :o)

Wedding Dress:

Sash for Wedding Dress:

Bridesmaid Dresses:

Save the Date Card: I used a textured white & black paper. Difficult to see the details in the photo & the red is redder than the photo. The text is very crisp, the photo looks blurry to me. My OCD kicked in & I had hubby make a template to enable me to have an (almost) exact 1/8" border on all sides. This was not an easy task, but I think Whitney & Brandon will like the cards and that's the most important thing. Can't wait to hear from her. She hasn't seen one completed yet.

I wanted to make Whitney a little "happy" to send with her cards, I came up with this candy bar tin last night. I used Bazzill High Heels (Red) Bling cardstock for the belly band & scallop. Love this paper, but it doesn't score & fold very well. The black & white is Bazzill textured cardstock The candy bar wrappers are printed on a high gloss premium paper. 18 mini candy bars fit perfectly in the tin. I cut the scalloped circles with my Cricut (Mini Monograms Cartridge).

On another note, we are leaving for Alabama on Tuesday. The realtor has 6 houses for us to see. I'm excited & hope they are as nice as the photos. We are planning on staying for 2 weeks, but hopefully it won't be that long. I'm ready to get back & work on this packing. I think I'm going to have a big moving soon as the weather permits. All these auctions & estate sales I have attended have created chair overload. I have a serious chair addiction. Most of them are in the attic & basement...time to get rid of some chairs and lots of over things. Have to weed out, but I'm sad about letting some of my cool chairs go. Hope another chair lover enjoys them. :o)

Please keep us in your thoughts as our new home search saga (adventure) continues. :o)

Have a fun weekend....thanks for stopping by!


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Love your save the date cards!! They truly are very classic! Fabulous job :)

As soon as I get finished posting this I am hunting the email you sent me and getting some of those tins ordered! I have to quit saying and start DOING! lol

Have a great weekend

Lauren said...

WOW Deb! Excellent job. These are amazing. Good luck with your house hunt.