Sunday, January 18, 2009

Copics Copics Everywhere...

Hope ya'll have had a fun weekend. I haven't crafted a thing. :o( I had good intentions, but the time just slipped away.

A little funny to share:

I have 3 older sisters & they are all talented, but really don't understand my crafting addiction. They love the things I make... but are totally clueless when they ask what I would like for my birthday or Christmas and they get a list of crafty things. :o) This year I thought I would make it very simple for them...I told them I wanted Copic Ciao Markers & gave each of them a list of 6 colors to get my Ciao B set going. I told them I would be happy with one marker, but was giving them some color choices. Two of my sisters live in Oregon & they don't have Hobby Lobby. Who knew? I told them (all 3) about a website where my hubby had purchased my Ciao Set A.

Sister #3...goes to the website & orders me 8 Ciao Markers. Yeah!!

Sister #1....goes to Art Store in Salem, Oregon & buys me 5 Sketch Markers (love them, but they are a little pricey & that is why I thought I would just get the Ciao sets). She thinks getting me markers was slighting me somehow, so she sent me some beautiful earrings & a gift certificate. I racked up!! :o)

Sister #2....bless her heart!! LOL! She takes her list & goes to Hobby Lobby...she doesn't have a clue what she's looking for, she asks an employee...they don't carry them. What? My sweet BIL is looking around and finds them...they only have the Sketch markers. She only finds 1 on the list of colors that I had given her, so she decides that just won't do....she buys me all the colors they have (19 Sketch markers). WHOO-HOO!!

I ended up with 24 Sketch Markers & 8 Ciao Markers for my birthday. Whoa!! I've got some markers now! I'm tickled, but now I think I need all of the Sketch & Ciao markers. My hubby thinks NOT! LOL! He said I need to quit admiring them & use them. hehe!!

Can you believe in all the chaos of marker shopping there were no duplicates? They did good! I have the BEST big sisters & I love them, they spoil me rotten! :o)

I've had a fun weekend opening all my belated b'day packages. It's been a fun week.

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I have to get busy and craft some things this week.

Thanks for stopping by.....


craftNmommy said...

Deb! You lucky ducky you... You do have great sisters, that's for sure. Enjoy your new markers, get to work girl and show us what you make that way you can put that new camera to work too. :D



Brooke - in Oregon said...

I am completely amazed that you did not get any duplicates. I figured that was what the story today was going to be! lol

Yes you sure made out and I know you will have hours and hours of fun with them :)

Your sister is close to Salem huh, well that is in my old stomping grounds cause I grew up in Sweet Home. Small world

Lauren said...

Have fun playing Deb!

Nora said...

I have 30 of the sketch markers & LOVE them - doubt I'll collect all 322 though! *LOL* You'll have to let me know what you think of the Ciao line. I can only get those over the net. I'm going to try the certification class in April down in Salt Lake.

Here's a fun blog from a lady that works at Copic & she's got some great techniques for getting the most out of your markers -

Lisa's right - get on it girl - we wanna see what you can do with 'em! *LOL*

thescrapmaster said...

You lucky girl!!! That is awesome! I can't wait to see what you do with them since you are so talented.


Beth said...

wahoo Deb you made out like a bandit and I am with hubby now lets see some artwork done with them heeheehee