Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo Tag Challenge...

Happy Friday....

My friend Beth sent me a photo challenge, the rules were:-Go to where you store your photos on your computer.Go to the SIXTH folder and pick the SIXTH photo.Post that photo on your blog along with a SHORT story about it.Tag SIX people and leave a comment on their blog or email them letting them know you chose them.

Photo that I took of the Old Courthouse Museum in Vicksburg, MS (our hometown) - January 2008.
Vicksburg has so much history that I took for granted while living there. We decided to play tourists for a day during our visit home.
I have a much greater appreciation for the history of this beautiful city now.

Now to pass along the photo challenge to 6 Bloggers:
1. Nora
2. Alison
3. Lisa
4. Samantha
5. Fran
6. Vickie

Thanks for the fun, Beth!!

Have a fun weekend....thanks for stopping by!


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Awesome Photo Deb and good for you for playing tourist. Sometimes we need to step out of our normal routine to see what is around us! :)

Have a great weekend

craftNmommy said...

Love your picture Deb and I took your challenge...



Fran said...

Okay, I'm going to try...beautiful picture! Happy Friday!

Scrapper said...

Can't wait to get to work and take the challenge. Thanks for choosing me.

Beth said...

Thanks Deb for playing and what a awesome picture don't you just love these old historic buildings.