Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More birthday pressies...:-)

I still haven't finished any cards to share. I am working on several...just can't seem to get them finished. ha!! I received some more pressies in the mail today...this is from the "bestest" hubby ever. :-) I have been trying to complete my Copic Ciao Set B, but also like the Sketch markers, too. I'll be honest...I want them all and the airbrush system. haha!!

Anyhow...this is my loot for the day. It's been a fantastic birthday week and my birthday isn't until tomorrow. WOOT!!

These were ordered from The Merri Artist in McMinnville, Oregon. I have to say they have the BEST customer service, great prices, & lightening fast shipping. These were ordered Monday @ 1:30 pm and my order was here today (Alabama). That is FAST!! I highly recommend them.

Going to work on those cards again, now that I have some much needed Copic colors. ;-) Anyone have any tips on the best paper to use? I've tried quite a few and I'm still having some bleeding. :-(

Thanks for stopping by....


Beth said...

look at you my goodness GF you are so lucky to have such a understanding wonderful husband who gives you such fun toys to play with.
Early Happy Birthday my friend hope you have a great day tomorrow.

Nora said...

{singing & dork dancing} Happy Birthday, to you...Happy Birthday, to you....Happy Birthday, dear Deb...Happy Birthday, to YOU!

'K....lemme see...if I book DELTA, I can get a straight-thru flight...yup, coming to Bama to play is definitely do-able! *LOL*

Congrats on adding to your COPIC stash...I'll get back to doing that someday. *sigh* For now, I'll live vicariously through you! Now, as for papers...I've not had any bleeding issues with Georgia Pacific like others have, but I have a "light touch." Haven't tried my TAC paper yet - will report back on that one. Neenah & Papertrey Ink are two of the tops that a lot of ladies like to use.

Enjoy your birthday, Chickiepoo!

Lauren said...

Have fun with you new goodies Deb!

D said...

Great birthday pressies. Now there is no excuse for you to not create more stuff, lol. Hugz, Diane