Wednesday, February 17, 2010

She Lives.. :-)

Oh my goodness...I have been so sick. ICK!! I'm feeling some better & go back to the doctor tomorrow... hopefully I will be much approved later in the week. I miss crafting and visiting my favorite blogs. :-(

Just wanted to check in while I felt like it....thanks for stopping by!!


Pretty-In-Ink said...

hope you feel much better soon!

Nora said...

Sorry you're not doin so hot, GF! Hopefully after your appt with the doc, you'll be up & at 'em fast.

Diane said...


I'm so sorry you've been ill. Hope you feel better soon.

Hugz, Diane

Lauren said...

Feel better Deb!!!!

Beth said...

Deb I sure hope you are feeling better I am missing you.

BlueRose said...

Hi Deb, sorry that you haven't been feeling to good. I'm sure your better by now! Anyways just wanted to say HI I don't blog to much these days. Been really busy with the church♥

I hope to get back in the grove of things really soon. Oh I always say that! LOL LOL See ya

Luv's and Kisses Kat