Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

Had to share a funny with ya'll. My niece Kaesey is such a riot & is always doing or saying something that keeps us in stitches. She was at church Sunday evening...everyone brought desserts and goodies to have after the service. She walked up to the table and said, "It's a dream come true, a meal with nothing but sweets!" LOL! She's a girl after her Aunt Debra's heart...gotta love those sweets. I'm going to have to order that child a Chicago (Eli's) cheesecake and have it shipped to her...that's her favorite. To be so small, she sure can eat. She probably burns a lot of calories from that non-stop talking, she certainly comes by that trait honestly. ...that's my girl. :o)
See you soon...blessings,


Mchi said...

Thanks for the compliment. We would love to help you send her an Eli's Cheesecake.

Marc Schulman
Eli's President

Deb Matherne said...

Hi Marc,

Thank you so much for taking the time to post on my Blog. I can't wait to tell Kaesey that I have a post on my blog from the cheesecake man :o) ...she is going to be so impressed, she thinks Eli's cheesecake is much better than chocolate. She thinks instead of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, there should be a movie (Eli and the Cheesecake Factory...hmmm!) :o) Since visiting IL last summer that is all she talks about...cheesecake, cheesecake, & cheesecake. I think that might have been the highlight of her trip.

She is going on a trip to Texas this week...when she gets home I will give her a call and let her pick out the cheesecake she wants to order.

I had never had Eli's before moving to IL...I didn't realize what I was missing. I've added a link on my blog to the Eli's website in case their are others out there that haven't tasted this yummy cheesecake. It is the BEST in mine & Kaesey's opinion & we are cheesecake connoisseurs. LOL!

Keep making those delicious wishes,

Patsy Jackson said...

Hi Deb

Thanks for looking at my blog and posting a link to it! Your blog is looking FAB - love your header and your niece is ADORABLE! She looks sooo cool in those sunglasses lol!

Your chocolate box is fantastic - must have taken you ages but I bet it's enjoyed :)

Patsy x

Diane said...

Hi Deb.
I posted to your blog the other daya and now I don't see it. Anyway, love, love the pic of Kaesey. She is the cutest. Great job on the candy box, too. Hugz, diane