Friday, April 11, 2008

We're back....and a Surprise Rak from Lauren!!

We're home...finally!! It has been 3 long weeks of constant house-hunting. Some days were fun & others not so much. We did find a house and just heard this morning that the home-inspection and appraisal have been done & everything came out GREAT!! YIPPEE!! If everything goes according to plan we will close on May 9th. I don't think we will be completely ready for the movers until the end of May, but I'm packing like crazy in hopes that we will only have to make one trip back up here after the closing. We had a lot of ups and downs during our house-hunting.

WEEK 1: We made an offer on a house (I loved it so much) was an old bungalow (3000 sq. feet) on 2 1/2 acres in the country. The landscaping was so pretty & the house had been updated with additions. We had a few concerns regarding the ceilings in 2 of the bedrooms & went back out to measure them. They didn't meet code. Boo-Hoo!! I feel so bad for the owners because they are going to have a difficult time selling this house and it is the cutest thing. We thought about going ahead and buying it, but it would cost a small fortune to have the ceilings raised because of the way the additions were added. Decided we didn't need to buy a money pit.

WEEK 2: Things went from bad to worse....we found another house, but someone put a bid in before we did and the sellers took their offer. WAH!!

WEEK 3: Much better and last Thursday we found this house and fell in love with it. It is an older brick ranch (totally not my style), but I loved the location and the interior is so pretty and cozy. We both knew it was the one when we walked in the door. It's smaller (2000 sq. feet), but it will perfect for us and I love the openness of the kitchen into the den. The house has a nice-size study (formerly the breakfast room) and I have already claimed it as my computer/craft room. :o) Can't wait to get moved in and set it all up. The rest of the house might have to wait. LOL!! The lot is 1 1/2 acres ( big enough for hubby to build his workshop)...the back is entirely fenced with woods behind it. There is a small lake across the street. We think we will really like the area and neighborhood.

Thanks to all of you that sent us happy house-hunting vibes. It won't be long now until I'm back in the South. I can't wait....but, I will miss shopping in Chicago, camping on Lake Michigan, and living in the beautiful Midwest, just not the long winters.

SURPRISE: I was so worn out when we got home late Wednesday night. We slept in yesterday and I didn't even make it to the Post-Office. I was so surprised & excited when I was going through the mail this morning and found a package from Lauren. You are so sweet Lauren...thank you so very much. You made my day!! Look at all my goodies!! The card is the paper, ribbon, and the cherries are so cute. I love the stamps and can't wait to sit down and play with them. I am a ribbon freak and had no ribbon like you sent me. Love, love the colors and I've been thinking of things I can use it for already. Thanks again for the RAK!!!

Hope to find time to make something to share soon. Time to get back to packing, taxes, and all that fun stuff. NOT!! :o)

Have a fun afternoon.....thanks for stopping by!!


Lauren said...

You are so welcome! I am glad I could send you good house hunting vibes. So excited for you being a Southern Girl again! WOOHOO!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

House hunting can be such a set of highs and lows. Glad you found one you are happy with, now on to the move :)

When you look at all that needs to be finished before the move, just take it one day at a time. Otherwise you want to pull your hair out! lol We only moved across town and I was going crazy. After 26 years and 2 kids living in one place I had TONS of stuff to go thru. Just keep thinking how nice it will be to have everything organized and put away again :)