Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Whole lotta packing going on.....

My poor blog is so neglected. :o( I've been running around in circles since we got home. We've got a lot accomplished, but there is still so much to do before we head back down to Alabama for our closing on the house. I was hoping we would be ready for the movers by the end of May, but it may be mid-June. I'm still pushing for May..so we shall see how much we can get done. :o)

I've had no time for crafting or visiting my favorite blogs. :o( Hope to take a little break this week & work on Whitney's wedding invitations. I have an idea in my head for what I want to do, so hope it turns out the way I envision it. :o)

Since I don't have a new project to share...I thought I would share my sweet little Bai-Lee with ya'll. It has been so warm here & she has loved playing outside.
We have a new groomer that is trying to get her hair straightened out after she went to the butcher man. He really botched her hair up, but it's better now. Dig those pigtails!! LOL!

Time for me to get to bed. Thanks for stopping by!!


Brooke - in Oregon said...

What a cute photo and yes those piggie tails are totally adorable!

It is Spring (or trying to be) in Oregon and in the Nursery business that means crazy days for us. So I cut my google reader blog list in 1/2 cause I don't have enough time to keep up. But I did keep your blog so I can see how your move is going :)

I would totally do the 'Samantha' (from Bewitched) thing and pop over to your place and help pack if I could!

Lauren said...

Take a breathe Deb! Woohoo for the move and closing - I'm sure you will make your goals.