Friday, June 6, 2008

A Little Whine with my cheese...:o)

Yep, I'm being a little husband would say a whole lot whiny. I'm tired of going through all this stuff & weeding out. WHINE WHINE!! OK...I'm done with the pity party. LOL!

The yard sale was a BIG success...we sold a ton of stuff, but still have a bunch of collectibles left that I would like to get rid of & not have to move. Our house in AL is not as large as this one & I just don't have room for all the things I had here. I donated clothes to Goodwill and books to the local library. I don't think I will ever go to another auction, yard sale, or estate sale. OMGosh..what were we thinking when we bought all this stuff? We just collected too many things. I need 2 barns for all the stuff in the basement (it is a HUGE 3 room basement..the length of the house), but we have made a lot of headway down there and hope to finish by Sunday. YEAH!! I couldn't part with my vintage linens, aprons, and old sewing baskets..they are all packed. I did find some neat things that I had forgotten about...jars & jars of antique buttons. I think they will be pretty in my craft room. I also found a few antique sugar shakers with silver tops. I plan to use them in my craft room to hold glitter. Overall, it was a pretty fun day finding neat treasures that were sitting in boxes gathering dust & now they will be utilized once I get moved.

The move has all been scheduled! :o) The movers will arrive on Monday, June 23. We're splurging a little & having a cleaning service come in to do the final cleaning once everything is out of the house. My sweet hubby said that I deserved that after all the work we've done. He's a keeper!! :o) We plan to leave on Friday (5/27). I will officially be a Southern Belle again by June 29. LOL!! Our furniture won't be delivered until 7/7, so we plan to take our RV to the lake and spend a few days. Can't wait for some fun R&R. :o)

I want to craft something so badly & most of my craft room is packed. I have a little paper, my Cricuts, & Cuttlebug still out. Might have to sneak a little project in one night this week. I have one in mind if I can find the energy to put it together.

I sure do miss blog-hopping, but it won't be long now until my life returns to normal. :o)

Hope all my blog buddies are doing well.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a little whine with me. :o)

Hugs & Blessings,


Brooke - in Oregon said...

Moving is such a HUGE HUGE job! Not one that I find to be a whole lot of fun either :) We have only moved 2 times in our 30 years of Marriage. For me that was one time to many! lol

But it is fun to discover things that have been packed away. Great find on the antique sugar shaker. My grandmother had one but that was one of the things my brother wanted. It was funny how we both really went for the 'sentimental' things when we were cleaning out her home.

Good for your hubby, the final cleaning is usually a bit sentimental too so it is a good thing to pass up!

Someday maybe you guys will take a trip to Oregon and we can have some real Wine and Cheese!! :)

Lauren said...

Oh Deb! It's amazing how much "stuff" you can collect. I am a tosser and my DH is the pack rat. We love to debate over what to keep and what to toss. Too funny. Good luck!

Louly said...

Wow Deb! It sounds like though you've been working very hard, you've also had lots of fun. I've always wanted a house with a cellar to put all my bits and bobs in but now I think it's probably a blesssing that we haven't!
You mentioned selling my download images in the States - I don't deal with the sales but I'm pretty sure we sell all over the world.
Love Lou xx