Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm such a Blog Slacker....:o)

Just call me "Miss Blog Slacker" please....LOL! I haven't had anything fun to share in a while & have been overwhelmed with trying to organize this house. We are still waiting on our living room furniture. :o( I haven't found any DR furniture that I love, so still no furniture there either. I'm going to a couple of antique auctions later this month & they have some beautiful DR tables & chairs in their listings...hope they are in good shape. I have also decided that I have way too many craft supplies & gadgets and can't decide what to do with it all. I have designed a couple of things for my hubby to build for me, but he's had a lot on his plate lately, so I'm waiting patiently (not...LOL!).

OK...enough of my house woes and on to more fun things.
First of all.....WAR EAGLE!! My AU Tigers won their first game of the season. WHOO-HOO!!

Now for something fun to share....I'm a little excited about it. Not that it is anything fabulous, just a first for me. I bought this cute notebook for my new little pen pal (Agustina) with some matching pencils. Love these notebooks....designed by Jacqueline Savage McFee. A portion of the money for the sell of this collection goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma
Society. I bought a bunch for my nieces, too.

Anyway..to get back on track. I kept looking at the colors on the notebook and since I love bright fun colors (stripes & polka dots especially) I decided to try making my first digi-papers to match the notebook. So here goes...my decorated clipboard with my very own digital papers. Those stripes were challenging to draw...to say the least. LOL! All the paper is digital that I printed...other than the white behind the letters. What do you think?

Hope Agustina likes her goodies. I'm looking forward to sharing with her this year. I love this God-Auntie program. So rewarding.

Lastly...not that I need any new tools, but this was a must have. The new pink Zutter Round-it-All. Isn't it pretty? I'm going to try it out tonight.

That's about it for me tonight. I will try to improve on my blog slacking. :o)

Thanks so much for stopping by.....


Lauren said...

Great gifts. Those bright colors are sure to brighten her day! Love how you altered everything. It's fab to see you posting too.

BlueRose said...

Hey Deb just wanted to say Hi, Love the bright colors and what ya did with it... I have to get one of the Zutters for myself. Take care, later

Liz said...

I think thats really pretty color. I am sure she will love it!.. I also made little brag books for my God Daughter.. she loves it.