Friday, September 19, 2008

On a roll now....3 days in a row!! :o)

I'm running a bit late tonight...I had a friend over & my hubby was at a hunting club meeting. He's been riding out in the woods all day on the quad. When he came home tonight he brought me this beautiful surprise.

Snake Be Gone: The snake photo is was creeping me out!! LOL!

I knew it was something creepy when he asked if I had my camera handy. I'm always the photographer of creepy things. Good thing I don't scare easily. I was sad that the snake couldn't be left out in nature. (alive). He had no choice but to shoot it because he was in the woods alone & the snake tried striking his boots. He thought it would leave, but no such luck. He was not a very nice snake, but I always hate things like that. Glad I wasn't there. :o(
BTW: It is a Timber Rattlesnake. He has 9 rattles & one button. Someone at the camp wants the rattles. EEK!!!

Sorry if I creeped anyone out with my photo...just had to share my surprise with all of you. LOL! Especially, Alison...she loves snakes so much. NOT!!

I didn't have much time to make anything tonight, so I made a quick bag topper for Halloween. The photos are not the best...had to use my flash.

Green Paper: Digital Paper (ScrapGirls)
Orange & Black Paper: Bazzill
Topper: Cut with Cricut
Digital Brush: (It's all about the candy...ScrapGirls)
Ribbon: Stash
Button Brads: Stash

Time for me to call it a night. Thanks so much for stopping by!!



Beth said...

Hey Miz Deb that is so creepy not fond of snakes glad hubby didn't get bit.
Love the bag topper

Lauren said...

This is a fabulous project Deb! I really love how you used the top note. I'm not too fond of snakes so eeewww!

Brooke - in Oregon said...

Cute bag topper! All about the candy cracks me up, cause after all isn't that what Halloween is??? lol

Umm...the snake, not to fond of rattlers, I would have wet my pants if I had been your DH! lol

My son has a bald-headed Python, now that is a nice snake. Very mellow, likes to be held. Not that I would hold it! ha ha

BlueRose said...

Yes you are on a roll. I don't like snakes myself. Did your Hubie skin it they make really nice hat bands. Something that I've always wanted. Keep up the great work love looking around...Luv ya

thescrapmaster said...

I love those baggies!